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Encourage our state officials to work to preserve and build homecare resources for Nevada’s elderly and disabled people.

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The Nevada Medicaid Division is the primary source of all sorts of vital health care for children, elderly and disabled people who have low income and who are without other health care resources. Approximately 50% of the money comes from the federal government and state tax dollars fund the remainder.  They distribute this money to healthcare providers in behalf of all eligible Nevadans.

One of the initial focuses of this website will be on current Nevada Medicaid policy issues. Appropriate Nevada Medicaid policies can assure adequate resources and better treatment of our elderly and people with disabilities.  Especially people who need in home care to remain outside of institutions. If you are concerned about the future of our elderly and disabled people, you will want to hear about this issue and perhaps... get involved.

Today, we are compelled to focus on an alarming discrimination by Nevada Medicaid.

How valuable is the dignity of our elderly and disabled people?
It's important enough to stop disheartening institutionalization when it is unwarranted.  We must have a working plan to establish adequate homecare and other community-based services to finally force an end of this mistreatment.  Because of ongoing bureaucratic prejudice, a specific, required-by-law plan must be established. is being developed to serve the community by presenting pertinent information relating to Nevada Medicaid services and issues. This website is in nowise connected to any commercial venture or interest.  The content and development of this website is 100% volunteer at this time.  If you have an idea about content or desire to help with this effort, please contact us.

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